The Great Canadian Bagel 

Role: Editorial, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma

Duration:  Jan - April 2022

The main purpose of this rebrand is to cater businesses to of all age groups by modernizing the design and creating a more recognizable and comprehensive identity. This rebrand is comprised of elements such as a new logo, signage, branded packaging, digital assets, and marketing materials. 

Logo Concept
& Redesign

The idea behind this logo design is to enncapsulate the objective of this rebrading, which is to rebrand the design, and emulate the essence words: playful, warm and comforting. The colours of the logo represent the colours in the Canadian flag, given the identity of the franchise name is surrounding being the best bagel in Canada.

Current Logo

Proposed Logo

The Great Canadian Bagel Proposed Logo Design 

Condensed Logo Variation 
*to be used for small applications*

Branded Packaging 

TGCB Take-out Bags 

TGCB Coffee Cup

TGCB Take-out Bagel Box

TGCB Sample Wax Paper for Bagels


Interior Signage System

Exterior Signage System 

Promotional Materials 

Sample TGCB Bus Stop Advertisement 

 Sample TGCB Subway Advertisement

Sample TGCB Advertisement

Digital Marketing 

TGCB Website Mockup

TGCB Social Media Strategy